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Testimonial 2

"Nichole took a simple photo and turned it into an amazing portrait. This looks just like Ivy. You can tell her what you want for a background and she create anything. This is the 6th animal picture she painted for me. She is truly talented." - Pam

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Testimonial 1

"I was so happy with the entire process to this beautiful painting of my daughter’s 15 year old cat. Nicole was so open and accommodating. I sent her pics of the cat and she sketched her first. Then sent it to me for my thoughts and opinions. I requested changes 2 times and she gladly made them until I was completely satisfied. She then began painting, and sent me photos during the process for my approval. She asked me about the cat’s personality, and really captured it in the painting. She painted her on her favorite blanket. My daughter absolutely loved it and hung it right up! I would totally choose this artist to do another painting for us!" - Mary

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